About Me

I have been playing correspondence chess since 1984 when I started with the ‘Stars Barred Postal Chess Club’. Initially I wanted to add to my chess activity as I was working shifts and often missed the weekly chess club night due to work. Correspondence Chess offered the perfect means to keep playing regularly.

Looking back and now into my 60’s, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed correspondence chess greatly, it has kept the mind active and given me great opportunities to develop my knowledge of the game. At times it has allowed me to help others, for example working with young players at a Saturday morning Junior Chess Club and a host of other roles with various organisations, through both I have met many great people that otherwise our paths would not have crossed.

Now I wish to achieve a CC title, something that has proven far too difficult for the skill and time that I possessed.

This website aims to help me on my quest by providing a place for me to record my thoughts, be challenged and perhaps help others who are interested in this great game.