How to Play The Opening in Chess

How To Play The Opening in Chess

When I wrote about the Sicilian Najdorf Opening and my choice of a 6gth move, I got to thinking about my favourite chess book. A difficult question as there are so many wonderful books on […]

Quality Control

Rubbish In Rubbish Out

Correspondence Chess is a difficult game and unless you are exceptional you will need a decent database to play competitively. I would go so far as to suggest that even a strong player will need […]

Is Corresponence Chess Impossible to Win

Impossible to Win

Has Correspondence chess become impossible to win? Certainly the number of drawn games may suggest that it has but such a defeatist attitude spells the death of the game. I decided to take a quick […]


Where I Play Correspondence Chess

There are many places where you can get a game of correspondence chess, local and International clubs exist and both options will offer a wide range of tournaments for all standards of play. It may […]