Charting My Progress

Charting My Progress

I have probably played near to 1,000 games of correspondence chess and at least a similar amount over the board and online. The ICCF rating database has my game total as 669 but it is missing a few from the early days of my career. I have also played many games in a variety of correspondence clubs, for some reason players frequently have memberships of more than one club as each offers something a little different.

When I look at the ICCF Rating for myself it appears that I have done very well in recent times, the chart from ICCF shows quite a large increase in my rating. ICCF RatingWhen I look at the ICCF chart which is provided by their web-server, I wonder how the chart shows such a steep increase when I know that my games are not all wins, there are losses in there and many drawn games with lower rated players.

Of course the ICCF chart is 100% accurate but when I look closely I can see that the effect is enhanced by the vertical values starting at 1900 and ending at 2300. This of course accentuates the rating increase but it does provide a good start for me to know where I am at with my aim of reaching that all important goal of 2300 elo rating.

So here I  am with an ambitious target of getting the IM title but I need to measure how I am doing to know what is working and what is not. To start with I have placed the ICCF rating data into a Google spreadsheet and added a few calculations to give me the annual grading/rating difference, number of games finished and an interesting chart showing the rating gain or less annually.

Having these charts and data table should help me measure my performance and give early warning of failure, mind you I think I will easily know if things are going wrong!