Correspondence Chess Titles

Correspondence Chess Titles

In the world of correspondence chess there are various titles and achievements up for grabs. The most prestigious being ‘World Champion’ which is awarded by the International Correspondence Chess Federation. Putting such grand thoughts aside, the titles to be gained are –

  • Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (GM),
  • Correspondence Chess Senior International Master (SIM),
  • Correspondence Chess International Master (IM),
  • Correspondence Chess Ladies Grandmaster) (LGM),
  • Correspondence Chess Ladies’ International Master) (LIM),
  • Correspondence Chess Expert (CCE)
  • Correspondence Chess Master (CCM)
  • International Arbiter of the ICCF (IA)

The CCE and CCM titles are relatively new but give further opportunities for players to gain an award in the tough world of correspondence chess.

To gain a title it is necessary to play at a specified standard, for example the International Master titles is awarded to –

  • those players who qualify for the World Championship Final or gain a master norm in a Candidates’ tournament,
  • the player who takes first place in the World Correspondence Chess Ladies’ Championship,
  • the player who takes first place in the ICCF World Cup Tournament Final,
  • those players who gain two or more master results in international title tournaments with a total of at least 24 games. This number of games may be reduced if the player over-scores sufficiently to achieve the standard Norm requirements over 24 games.
  • those players for whom their national federation makes an appropriately qualified application. For this, a two-thirds majority vote of Congress must be obtained.

There you have it, the task is a tall one with the most likely route to the IM title being the last but one, essentially two excellent performances against tough opposition. This is not something I am currently capable of.

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