Final Look at My Stats

Final Look at My Stats

A final look at the stats I have been putting into the excellent Google Sheets, I am much more adept with Microsoft Excel but needs must and I can not justify the expense of MS Office, hence Google to the rescue with its nice free ‘Sheets’.

My ICCF Rating is displayed in the ICCF Webserver as the following image which shows a very nice and sharp increase in recent times. I find this chart very useful but a little surprising in that the sharp rating increase is not how I feel about my game.

Therefore I decided to put the data into a spreadsheet and chart my progress with a different scale along the vertical axis. After playing around little I settled on a range of 1400 – 2500. There was no particular reason for this other than looking for a more meaningful way to review my chess rating. as you can see, changing the axis value gives a different story but it is one that I feel better reflects my progress.

Looking at this chart I can equate the recent increase with having more free time to study chess. However that is not the whole story, I also took out a subscription to New in Chess Magazine, New in Chess Yearbooks, British Chess Magazine, ChessPublishing and this year Chessbase Magazine.

Unfortunately I can not afford to keep up all those subscriptions so my next review will be to consider what I find the most useful and any that I can let go. Whichever I decide to halt will be sorely missed as all are excellent reading and have been a great help to me with my games.