ICCF Veterans World Cup 10

Chess pieces

My next tournament to start should be the Veterans World Cup 10, an event open to players aged 60 or over. I am playing in VWC9 and they are tough games but very enjoyable. Players start off in a preliminary section and the top 2 go forward to the next round. The playing rate is the ICCF standard time control 10 moves in 40 days with duplication after 20 days is used, a total of 18 months is allowed to complete games in the preliminary section.

By the time I start the next tournament I hope to have gotten my live-games down to around 30, I will pick up 10 games in the next veterans World Cup plus a few other domestic events start around the same time so it is important that I control the urge to enter a new tournament before that time, otherwise I will be back to playing too many games for me at the moment.

Veterans World Cup 10 is now taking entries and has 459 confirmed entries at this time, players may enter more than one section so I am unsure how many players will be playing. If you are member of a club or national organisation affiliated to ICCF then you may enter the event through this direct entry page or via your local point of contact.

As I plan ahead this tournament will be important for me on the path to reach the magic 2300 rating point that will allow me to enter qualifying events for the IM title that I am aiming for.