Making Progress Already


Starting this blog off has seemingly already helped focus my mind on improving my standard of play. The number of games I now have in-play is down to 42, a big drop off this week as one tournament neared the adjudication date. Therein lies evidence of another problem as I have had to take several draws due to running out of time before the tournament ends.

Until recently I had not been aware that we needed to finish those games within (I think) ten months, not too bad a time limit but my high game load meant that became difficult. I have mentioned before that the next stage for me is to decide on an upper limit of games to have at one time, now that I am down to around 40 games I am itching to start another tournament but patience has to be the order of the day here.

About 3 months ago I had 80 games ongoing, last week 50 and this week 40, the road may be a long one but I am happy to see progress is being made and I can remain hopeful of becoming a better player.