After days of deliberation and thought I have come up with a plan to reach that goal of the CC-IM title, of course not all plans succeed but time will tell if I can achieve it or not. In a previous post I mentioned my earlier attempts at improving my game and how my plan was not, in a strategic sense, very SMART.  Since finishing work due to family circumstances, I have had more time for my chess and have seen a decent increase in my chess grade, however I am not making much progress of late.

Naturally at work we had more than one method of planning but the smart idea is quite universal so I’ll go with that for now. So, let’s take a look at the plan:

  • Specific – The aim is to achieve the International Master title for Correspondence Chess.
  • Measureable – Title awarded by ICCF.
  • Achievable – Difficult but achievable.
  • Realistic – I am willing to work hard towards this goal.
  • Time Constraint – Not going to happen overnight, possibly 5 years so 31/12/2022.

I have put quite a long timeframe on this as before challenging for the award it is necessary to reach an elo rating of 2300 and then get into tournaments that offer title ‘norms’ of which I need two. Perhaps I need to think of ‘milestones’ such as achieving the 2300 elo, winning the CCE or CCM titles which are quite new to correspondence chess and sit between nothing and the IM title.

Quite a few players now have the CCE CC Expert) or CCM (CC Master) title, the problem in getting it is that the tournament has to have the requisite players for the title norm to be available in that event. For example in the soon to start Veterans World Cup 10 there are no norms available in the preliminary rounds, yet opponents include International Masters etc. I am thinking that having the CCE/CCM titles as milestones is not SMART as it is out of my hands if norms are available in the tournaments. I’ll give this more thought.