New Tournament Starting


How time flies! This morning I received my new pairings for the Veterans World Cup 10 tournament. I entered this because I played in the VWC 9 and found it a good event and the start date was later in the year and I planned to make it my first event with a new process. It was quite a surprise to receive the pairings today but it is the right time, I just hadn’t realised how fast the year was passing by.

I have 10 new pairings with players rated between 1720 and 2437, a good mix of playing strengths and nationalities with representation from Croatia, Switzerland, USA, Germany, England, Romania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Sweden and Austria.

Thinking of my target it is important for me to score well in these games, draws will be costly against the aim of securing the 2300 rating which is the key marker for getting into those tournaments offering IM norms.

Is it time to have a strategy for starting new tournaments? previously I have tried researching opponents in order to plan the lines I would play, often that just confused me so I have usually stuck to playing what I wanted to play rather than aiming to unsettle my opponent. Time for a change perhaps?