Next Step How Many Games

Next Step How Many Games

Having discussed my predilection for taking on too many games at one time, the next step is to decide on a reasonable number of games to play. It is quite likely that I will exceed any limit so probably best to think low and in nice even numbers but first I must look at which tournaments I am likely to be entering at the start of next season.

Having written the ‘start of next season that would suggest that I am thinking my grand plan will not start immediately, however I reckon that I have already started simply by virtue of starting this blog!

I have already entered the ICCF Veterans Cup 10 that is due to start on 1st September 2017. That event will give me 10 games. I am also likely to enter the British Championship which will give me a further 12 games and start in October 2017. Before you know it I already have a probably 22 games to start before Christmas.

The number of games I am committed to in my quest for the IM title is going to take more thinking about. My current game load of around 50 games is likely to be reduced to about 30 by the end of the Summer, that is going to make it hard once I add on the new tournaments in Autumn.

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