We Need a Plan B

We Need a Plan B

Reading through my first posts it is clear that I am not making the progress that I wanted to at the start, perhaps that is harsh but that is how I feel. My aim is to attain the IM title from ICCF and to do that I need to make positive changes to my play. Perhaps that is my choice of openings or defences, perhaps it is simply a need to reduce the number of games that I play, or perhaps it is a host of other things or a combination thereof.

Who said this was going to be easy? Not me for sure! Hence I am starting to realise there is more to do than simply cut the number of games and thereby play to a higher standard. Correspondence Chess is a tough game unless you are exceptionally talented, I am sure Magnus Carlsen would do very well but would he become World Champion against the very strong correspondence players armed with the latest technology and software? I actually think he would be then perhaps I am naïve.

Plan A was to get the IM title by cutting the number of games so that I could spend more time on each move. I realise now that is too simplistic so I need a Plan B. I still have the same aims but my previous post about being SMART brought home to me that to achieve my goal I need to be clever. I need a proper plan and that’s where I am at now.

For the mere mortals amongst us wanting to be successful at correspondence chess, I would suggest we need to be armed with a few tools. These would include:

  • A love for chess,
  • A decent database of games,
  • A good repertoire for correspondence chess,

There is probably a lot more some of us need but my short list is a start to be going on with. I have number 1 but do I have numbers 2 & 3? Well I will take a look at my databases and make a judgement on that one, as for a repertoire that is a different story and I will speak about that is a post shortly as it is a big subject.